Do you know what is a Triolet ?

A Triolet in Savoyard dialect is a four-leaf clover.

a pretty name for lots of happiness

First of all, it is the harmonious juxtaposition of three definitions of happiness relating to botany, music and poetry,
also giving its name to a majestic summit located in Massif du Mont-Blanc.

Happiness is in the meadow...
in botany, the Triolet is a pretty Savoyard dialect name which means a 4-leaf clover.

Happiness is in the nature...
in solfa, a Triolet is an exceptional rhythmic division, composed of a group of three notes of equal value.

Happiness is in the mountain...
in poetry, a Triolet is a type of poem with eight verses
including three identical and composed on two rhymes.

Happiness is in the Alps...
Triolet is the name of an emblematic summit of Mont-Blanc range.
The Aiguille du Triolet (3870 m) and its hanging glacier are located between

Le Mont Dolent and Les Grandes Jorasses and dominate the Val Ferret in Vallée d'Aoste.

The emblematic 4-leaf clover that we find with luck in our alpine meadows,
translates and illustrates here, the social name of our hotel.