Our hotel has a story…

"Mountain offers us the decor... it's your turn to become actor with it !  
 (Nicolas HELMBACHER - french mountaineer)
Old postcard of Châtel in 1920.

Chatel, a tradition of centuries-old hospitality...

Châtel cultivates a tradition of hospitality since 1860 with sulphurous and ferruginous thermal spring and health tourism, recognized for their therapeutic virtues. In 1862 a "Hotel des Bains" intended to receive curists is built. Other family hotels are built, and compete with imagination to welcome guests coming to "restore their health". Fashion is for wellness and enjoyment of free time. Then, Châtel becomes a  climatic spa resort, referenced since 1880 in touristic guides for its pure and balsamic air, the benefits of its waters, its rejuvenation treatment with milk and Chablais grapes, healthy food, but also for hunting and its wonderful landscapes.
In the 1920s, a new era with the practice of the mountain and the advent of skiing gives a new impetus to the village. Then after the Second World War, the creation of the Super-Châtel altitude site and the equipment of the Morclan slopes are inaugurated with great fanfare by the Director General of Tourism. Thus, the installation of the first cross-border ski lifts in Europe, gives Châtel the status of great winter sport resort.

It is then sponsored by the new radio station "Europe N°1" created in 1955 and which took up its winter quarters in Châtel (its national broadcast frequency on the territory will correspond to 1625, the altitude of Super-Châtel). Many stars and show-biz personalities flock every years, contributing to the notoriety of the resort.
The following decades are promising and constructive...

Old photo of Hôtel LES TRIOLETS in 1977.

Les Triolets, a family story…

The nice family' story of Hôtel Les Triolets begins in the early 1960s.
Clement is a young qualified instructor, skillfully combines the ski teaching in winter with his trade of mason in summer. Fernande is a tourist guide for the great Chablaisian Frossard Bus Company and travel in all seasons, throughout the countries of the Alps.
Both children of the Vallée d'Abondance, they plan to build a hotel on the family plot, southern slope above the village. In 1969, on the basis plans drawn up by the architects Dutruel and Bouvier, an ambitious permit was filed. In 1970 a first substructure is achieved, but the first oil shock which put an end to the "trente glorieuses", forced plans to be revised in a more cautious and measured way. In the meantime Clément is busy building chalets for new residents. Finally, the completion of the construction allows the opening of the hotel for Christmas 1977. The chosen name is Les Triolets, word from the Savoy dialect to describe the 4-leaf clover picked in the meadow at the foot of the building, when laying the foundation stone.

The following years are festive and enthusiastic with an interest never denied, summer and winter, for the unique and renowned destination of Alps, its magnificent landscapes and varied pleasures that the mountain offers.

Old photo, crossing of Châtel with the Olympic flame for the games of Grenoble in 1968, ski instructors

Their children Jean-Marc and Nathalie, join them after their learn at hotel school of Thonon-les-Bains and many times in other fine House. An extension of the kitchen and the restaurant was carried in 1986, the design of a wellness and balneotherapy area in 1989. The swimming pool was built for the summer of 1991, then covered for the winter of 1993 and extended with terraces the next summer.

In 1998, to complete the offer, Jean-Marc and Nathalie are partner to create Le Bois Prin. The old family alpine chalet, perched high up in the mountain, has been renovated and becomes a cosy altitude restaurant on the slopes of Plaine-Dranse and the ski link with Avoriaz in the heart of Portes-du-Soleil.
In 2000, to celebrate the millennium and the beginning of the new century, the pool was decorated with allegorical frescoes glorifying water, source of life and well-being, fountain of youth and health, reminding that it was the initial thermal and climatic vocation of Châtel.

In 2021, major work to raise and expand the BOIS PRIN is being undertaken, enhancing the high-altitude chalet restaurant and bringing a real touch of emotion and comfort to visitors.

Old photo, Clément GRILLET-AUBERT et Georges MOUSTAKI, ski lesson, year 1970.

“The true dreamer is the one who dreams of the impossible” (Elsa TRIOLET - femme de lettres française)

Today and for years to come, the imprint of the past still guides us, to perpetuate our tradition of hospitality and to bring modernity of our generation, while preserving the soul and spirit of our family House.