For your dinner in an elegant and family atmosphere, the Chef Jean-Marc propose you both, a French traditional cuisine and home-made cooking, with delicate and refined flavours, where fresh and noble ingredients are as important as loving and passionate preparation.

There is no carte but an unique daily "menu du marché", proposed to our residents. It is cooked with passion, combining tasty blend of Savoyard traditions and creativity. Also, you will taste savoyard cheese specialities to enjoy your stay in mountain, remember that Les Triolets is primarily a chalet.

Occasionally festive moments, candlelight dinners showcase the service of the meat with the "cutting silver trolley", as in alpine hotels of the last century.

From the terrace, the spectacle of the sunset on the mountain and the panoramic view on the Vallée d'Abondance create an unforgettable moment full of emotions.

After awakening by the sun and birdsong, enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet for a good start to the new day.