For your dinner in the dining room, the atmosphere is warm and friendly to enjoy a simple home-made French cuisine. We serve only a single daily menu with dishes to share in a family spirit. There is no carte. The traditional Savoyard specialty is also a must during your stay in mountains, remember that Les Triolets is primarily a chalet. And, on the occasion of festive moments, the candlelit evenings showcase in front of you the service of the meats on the cutting trolley, with the silverware stamped as in alpine hotels of the last century.

Not having to worry about where to have dinner. These are the advantages of our half-board to feel at home, without the constraint of leaving the hotel.

Take a seat on our terrace for a nightcap after dinner. Enjoy the magnificent alpine panorama and let your imagination run wild as you admire the spectacle of the sunset over the mountains.

Every morning, fill up on energy with our gourmet breakfast served as a buffet in our dining room while enjoying the view of the landscape.